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March 25th, By Stuart Heritage First the good lakeport casino Goldfrapp definitely won't be doing the theme-tune to the new James Bond film Casino Royale.

And now the bad news: Chris Cornell from Rheme and Audioslave will do it instead. Of course, James Bond producers won't be letting Chris Cornell do the Casino Royale theme-tune by himself — Christ alone knows what that would end up sounding like — instead, long-time James Bond audioslave casino royale theme David Arnold has teamed up with Chris Cornell to write the song You Know My Name. We haven't heard the Casino Royale theme-tune yet, but our highly-tuned brains tell us that it'll sound half like the theme-tune to Little Britain and half like that dreadful Levi commercial.

It's good to see that, even though James Bond producers are furiously bigging up the Casino Royale sequelthey're still manage to concentrate on Casino Royale itself a bit. That in audioslve is a bit of a surprise — they didn't seem audoslave be concentrating when they audioslave casino royale theme filming Casino Royale without a villain or a girl or when they let an angry dwarf punch out Daniel Craig's teeth — but it's a start.

Everything is all set for the next James Cadino extravaganza — actors, explosions, release-dates and now a Casino Royale theme-tune too. It's rare for a James Bond theme-tune to be sung by a male, but that's what Casino Royale is going to get; for the first time since The Living Daylightsthe theme-tune to the casinno James Bond film will be sung by a man. And that man is Chris Cornell, the lead singer with bland old rockers Audioslave casino royale theme.

It's even rarer for a James Bond theme-tune to have a title that isn't the title of the movie — the last time that happened was with Octopussy — and yet Chris Cornell's effort is titled You Know My Name. The woman in charge of this weird decision, Lia Vollack from the Columbia Pictures worldwide music branch, defends herself thus: "I've always loved Chris' work, both as a writer and as an artist, and had hoped someday to find the right film to inspire him.

His music thrme both soulful and aduioslave. It was the perfect complement to Daniel Craig and Casino Royale. Still, whatever you think about Chris Cornell, just be thankful that he isn't Goldfrapp. Chris Cornell Pens new theme — Spin. Daniel audiodlave August 4, at am I would like to know what music credentials you have, and I hope that the song that you wrote in this article was a weak atempt at a joke.

Chris Cornell is one of the greatest hheme and song writers ever to have graced this planet. If Your name hapens to be Sebastian Bach or Axel Rose then perhaps your opinions which audioelave all they are may have some validity. Corinne says December 5, at am I think the Casino Royale theme song is pretty good. I think he was.

Thrme also think Daniel Craig is an awesome James Bond —SEXY. August 4, at am. I would like to know what music credentials you have, and I hope that the song that you wrote in beating the odds gambling article was a weak atempt at a joke.

I think the Casino Royale theme song is pretty good. Latest Stories Who is Kendall Jenner's Real Father? Kylie Jenner is Getting her own Spin-Off Another Sign of the Apocalypse: I Agree with Tomi Lahren T. Get our blog tgeme in your inbox.

Casino Royale Les Parapluies De Cherbourg This Is My Song Dança de Zorba o Grego Lara's Theme The Shadow of Your Smile un homme et une femme Born Free Rossana The Sound of Music Si Tu Non Fossi Bella Como Sei The World Will Smile Again. Stepping into shoes previously filled by the likes of Paul McCartney and Wings, Carly Simon, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, and even Duran Duran, must be a daunting task for any musician. Audioslave – Audioslave Audioslave – Audioslave Nation was created on Google Earth as a special marketing campaign for Revelations. You Know My Name – "You Know My Name", performed by Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, is the theme song to the James Bond film, Casino Royale.

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